Sunday, December 30, 2018

Resolution #4: Track with Analytics

It's so important to know your audience. A few top level things the I look for are:

  • seeing how they behave on your website
  • where they come from
  • whether they’re on a computer or mobile
Paying attention to the visitor analytics on your website will give you a ton of useful information. For instance, if you knew that 52.4% of your website visitors were viewing your site and emails from their mobile phone, you would probably display your content a little differently (by the way, 52.4% is the global average of internet traffic originating from mobile in Q3 of 2018). Maybe your long paragraphs should be shortened. Maybe your high-res photos should be sized down for easier download. If you don’t know where to begin with analytics, here's a great resource.

My favorite way to use analytics is to see what ads and traffic sources turn into the most sales. If you knew that 10% of your clicks from Facebook ads turned into sales, and 20% of the clicks from an ad in an online arts calendar turned into sales, where would you spend more money?

If you have the time and resources to do A/B testing, I highly recommend it. Trying out a new ad campaign, but unsure of the right message? Test two different versions of the landing page and see which one converts more. Trying to find the perfect subject line or header in an email? Try sending two versions to different parts of your email list and see which has more success. Analytics can do all of this, and there is no better substitute than real data from your fans. 

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