Sunday, December 30, 2018

Resolution #5: Scrubadubdub Your Contact Lists

Speaking of email campaigns, do you know who gets your emails? You might have a list of 12,000 people, but how many of them are real fans that would take an action, or even open your emails? You might be sending thousands of emails to people who don’t care, or worse, are getting annoyed with your emails which increases the likelihood your domain will be marked as spam. Chances are, you are paying to keep those subscribers in your email management system. And if you’re using traditional snail mail (yes, you should be) with an un-scrubbed list, then you’re wasting even more money by paying for printing and postage to send your messages right into someone’s recycling bin.

The overall logic in this scrubbing process is to identify which contacts are inactive, ask them one more time to engage with you, and then remove them if they continue to be inactive. Every email marketing system is different, and since I prefer MailChimp, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to scrub your MailChimp lists. The same logic should go for your snail mail lists.

Before scrubbing, I would recommend a few months of great content marketing first (see resolution #1).

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