Sunday, December 30, 2018

Resolution #7: Create or Join a Peer Group

Sitting behind a computer can get lonely, especially if you’re the only marketer in your office. One of the best things I did for my career was to join a peer group. We met twice per month for several years, and to this day I seek out these kinds of groups. There are things that only people in your position will understand, and it’s so vital to have a community of support and encouragement. Beyond the “feel good” aspects of a community, there are major tangible benefits you’ll get like learning best practices and getting some industry buzz. Being useful to a peer can even change your outlook on the way you approach your own work.

In arts marketing, a peer group could be a challenge if you’re going after the same ticket buyers. But don’t despair. You can create or find a group of peers from various industries to eliminate the competitive agita. No matter the product, marketing challenges are often the same. What could you learn from a restaurant or sports marketer?

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